Kansas Citys Water Quality Report for 2020

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Water Quality Report for 2020 PDF

Lead 2.1 ppb
Fluoride 0.87 ppm
Chromium 5 ppb
Barium .028 ppm
Nitrate-Nitrite 2.82 ppm Runoff from fertilizer use; leaching from septic tanks, sewage; erosion of natural deposits
Sodium 63.1 ppm
PH 10.3
Total Hardness 142
Foaming Agents (Surfactants) 0.03 ppm
Aluminum 0.067 ppm
TDS 524 ppm Total Dissolved Solids
Phenols 0.045 ppm

Just some of the results.

KC's Water Source - The intake pumps raw water from the Missouri River and well field, through screening equipment, to the water treatment plant.
Also when it rains alot our sewer system overflows and bypasses treatment. Going back into the Missouri River. Think about that for a moment...

The Keep out the rain program is here to solve that problem. However the pandemic put this program on hold. This should not be held back any longer.
It was a very good source of income for me. So while we wait for that I will be open to larger remodels and or service calls. 
Feel free to text or call. 
913-206-5822 Jason Tope Master Plumber

Sounds like a scam. Kansas City’s Green Stewards Program

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Its a training program of some sort. It would be better to skip this program and work under a licensed master plumber. This program seems to have started after our pandemic. 

The Green Stewards program is a local workforce development program designed to support the City of Kansas City, Missouri in day-to-day maintenance and monitoring of 230 constructed green infrastructure installations in the areas of the city served by the combined sewer system. Bridging the Gap, the organization contracted to manage the program, works with area non-profits to develop a pool of skilled maintenance workers to hire from at-risk communities in Kansas City.

In addition to providing problem-free maintenance for designated green stormwater infrastructure sites, the program focuses on the development of the Stewards’ skills in green infrastructure and landscape maintenance to develop qualifications for long-term employment in those fields. The Stewards are provided a supportive and collegial working atmosphere with diverse training opportunities.

The Smart Sewer program’s plans to promote, maintain and evaluate the utilization of green infrastructure solutions includes provisions for workforce development and job training to support a green collar jobs-related program to maintain green infrastructure solutions. These provisions paved the way for the Green Stewards program.

To learn more about the Green Stewards program, contact Lisa Treese at (816) 513-0441 or by email.

A Smarter, Greener Future

Kansas City’s green infrastructure installations are designed to reduce stormwater runoff as a part of the KC Smart Sewer program. In 2010, the City of Kansas City, Missouri entered into a Consent Decree with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the volume and frequency of overflows from the City’s sewer system. KC Water's Smart Sewer program is a 25-year plan to address this challenge. This program was the first federally approved Consent Decree in the nation to include green infrastructure as a means to capture storm water before it enters the sewer collection system.

KOTR Project paused 2020

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to be continued... ?

Is your property eligible?

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Quick results in the first three months of Keep Out the Rain KC

  • More than 6,000 homeowners contacted
  • 4,000 properties evaluated
  • Nearly 400 inflow and infiltration sources confirmed
  • More than 5 million gallons per day of rainfall identified for removal from the system
  • 22,000 average requests per day on the field staff's online map

A link to find out if you are eligible here: https://www.kcwaterservices.org/rain/is-my-property-eligible/

And... a video:

YouTube Video

Infiltration and Inflow Reduction AKA: The I/I Project

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Investigate the existing sewers to 
determine locations of needed sewer 
Reduce risk and frequency of sanitary 
overflows and basement backups.
Rehabilitate the aging sewer system.
Meet regulatory requirements as part 
of KC’s Overflow Control Program.
Field investigations will be ongoing 
May 2015 through September 2015.
Design professional services will 
be conducted from February 2016 
through May 2016.
Construction will occur between 
September 2016 to December 201

Kansas Citys Consent Decree on cleaning up our water and sewage.

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The Government jobs have finally arrived.

posted Nov 24, 2016, 5:09 AM by jason tope

I will begin my first big contract job starting Monday. I hope my back can handle it until I can get a new guy to dig them for me. I think an ideal person would be someone right out of high school that wants to earn good money and possibly become a master plumber. If you know of someone send them my way.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Johnson County Wastewater Sump Pumps.

posted Sep 1, 2016, 3:30 AM by jason tope

If you live in Johnson County and do not have a sump pump. You could possibly get a new one installed for free. Call or txt me and I will find out if you qualify.

Kansas City Missouri Inflow and Infiltration Project

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Contract has been executed. Waiting...

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